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This part-time position is Marlborough Community Coalition’s first employee. The seed funding for this position has been secured through leveraging a small set-aside in the Catalyst Plan grant and securing a match from the Francis Family Foundation. This initial investment will incubate a long-term position that will increase the organization’s capacity to search for sustainable funding streams and beneficial partnerships.

Long-term the community administrator will focus on growing the relationships with the local business community by reinforcing the value of their collaboration with the Coalition. Primary responsibilities would include grant writing; updates to website information; response to Catalyst Plan questions; coordination between implementation committees and the Coalition Board; and identification of project funding opportunities and partnerships. Ideally this position will self-sustain and source the funding streams to increase the operating budget of the Coalition to hire a full-time Executive Director in the near future.

This opportunity is one that connects all of the priorities of the community through providing the organizational capacity to help development projects, healthy food projects, arts and social service projects, mobility projects and communications projects move forward.

Additional information to implement this opportunity below:

Implementation pathway, first steps to hire:

1. Determine Coalition Board structure for hiring, paying, and guiding this employee.

2. Board to write and distribute the position description to faculty contacts at the MBA and Public Administration Departments of UMKC to identify likely candidates

3. Coalition board members to interview and hire the person for the first part-time, three-month position.

4. One of the first tasks upon hiring is to identify and secure funding for the next period of time.

Partner organization:

Henry W. Bloch School of Management

Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership has a mission to enhance the performance and effectiveness in the nonprofit sector through high quality community-oriented education, applied research, problem solving and service. Contact: David Renz, Director of Center for Non-Profit Leadership

Master of Public Administration:  This program exists to meet the needs of those who aspire to be effective leaders and managers in public service organizations and, by extension, the organizations and communities in which they serve. This program serve students at all stages of their careers, from pre-service to highly experienced, and particularly emphasizes serving the needs of experienced mid-career adult learners who are currently employed in the nonprofit, government, and health care organizations of our region.

Funding sources or supportive programs:

KCMO Community Development (KCMO CDE) is dedicated to promoting and supporting innovative, targeted and collaborative economic and community development initiatives to help build and grow vibrant, sustainable and prosperous communities throughout Kansas City, Missouri. (CDFI and New Market Tax Credit specialization)

Community Capital Fund, Neighborhood Opportunity Grant:  the initial focus is on neighborhood capacity building initiatives

Surdna Foundation provides grants in the areas of environment, community revitalization, effective citizenry, the arts and the nonprofit sector.

Francis Family Foundation  supports specific efforts to promote lifelong learning skills in children and specific areas within arts and culture.

Burns & McDonnell Foundation has been a key philanthropic organization working in Marlborough. Aligning educational programs with their green infrastructure work in the community is part of their core mission.


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