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The first draft of this directory  is available for use with the launch of the Catalyst Plan. However, this directory needs to be reviewed and expanded to make sure that it is all-inclusive of every asset in the community: businesses, service providers, educational organizations, arts groups, healthy food groups, etc. The process of discovering new listings and introducing these community members to the growing Coalition membership can transform the network and capacity of this community to do much more good work together. This outreach and relationship-building is essential to a thriving, inclusive, connected community and is one of the community administrator’s primary responsibilities.

This directory is not only for those who live and work in Marlborough, but also serves to share the community treasures with interested partners, neighboring areas, and new developments to come. This is a way to share the vision of Marlborough with a much broader audience and communicate a new identity as a dynamic, innovative environment that will attract new residents, visitors, and businesses.

A wholesale update to this directory should be conducted semi-annually, including outreach to each organization regarding ongoing community projects and the benefits of Coalition membership.

Additional information to implement this opportunity below:

Implementation pathway:
1. Using the spreadsheet provided in the Catalyst Plan files, the community administrator and one volunteer should drive every street of the neighborhoods to identify any businesses and organizations that have not been included as well as any that have relocated since the time of creating the previous draft.

2. Make contact with new organizations entering the neighborhood to invite them to the Coalition, provide them with information about their community, and learn about the issues that are important to them as well as their skillsets and networks.

3. Build relationships with local organizations and provide a way for them to report on their accomplishments and happenings around their location, emphasizing partnership. Include spotlight articles in the Coalition newsletters.

4. Identify projects and programs that directly affect specific organizations and report to them on ways that they could be involved in deciding outcomes.

Champions and their roles: The community administrator will be the primary champion of the directory and outreach.

Partner organizations include all organizations working in Marlborough. See directory for listing.

Funding sources or supportive programs: See funding sources for community administrator, other sources could include advertising in the directory or direct contributions to the Coalition.

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