Community graphic identity roll-out

This opportunity is part of each Catalyst Project:
Catalyst Projects > Coalition Capacity Building > Community graphic identity roll-out
Catalyst Projects > Marlborough School Redevelopment > Community graphic identity roll-out
Catalyst Projects > Coordination with Kansas City Water Services green infrastructure pilot program > Community graphic identity roll-out
Catalyst Projects > Marlborough Village Commercial Revitalization > Community graphic identity roll-out

Using the “We Are Marlborough” logo art work adopted by the community at the Taste of Marlborough workshop (10/26/13), create a new graphic identity for the community including but not limited to: Coalition communications, windshield/bumper stickers, yard signs, informational signage, festival banners, new program or event signage, T-shirts, punch cards for local business purchases, educational signage incorporated into the Water Services green infrastucture project, and other promotional items for Marlborough residents, businesses, schools, and social service providers.

As updates to the logo become necessary, bear in mind the key underlying ideas of this graphic identity for Marlborough neighborhoods:

  • Five diverse neighborhoods coming together around common goals
  • Five interconnected priority topics: Healthy Food, Arts & Social Services, School Redevelopment, Commercial Development, and Mobility
  • Systems-based solutions for a sustainable community
  • Vibrant colors for vibrant people
  • Connected to the natural environment

Additional information to implement this opportunity below:

Implementation pathway:
1. Transition all Coalition communications to use the new graphic identity package (letterhead, Facebook page, email signature)

2. Distribute graphic identity package to all neighborhood presidents for their use in correspondence.

3. Distribute logo to all Marlborough businesses and organizations for use in their materials and email signatures.

4. The Coalition Board and community administrator to determine the preferred way to roll-out the identity. Issue a simple Mail Chimp survey and visit a dozen local businesses and service organizations, including Dodson Industrial District, to ask the following (include the image of the logo):

Which would you purchase to show your neighborhood pride?

a)    A sticker for your car
b)    A t-shirt / hoodie
c)    A yard sign
d)    All of the above
e)    None of the above

5. Board and community administrator to determine the budget and contract for initial printed materials and roll-out at the next community event.

Champions and their roles:
Communications subcommittee members, Betty Ost-Everley and Brenda Thomas have been most closely associated with the development of this outreach tool.

Partner organizations:
Local churches could use the logo in their newsletters and footer to designate themselves a proud Marlborough community member (See directory for contact information).

Several local businesses could coordinate to create a shared punch card, where purchases from cooperating local businesses could add up to small discounts or free services at any of those businesses.

This coordination could be a part of the outreach efforts of the community administrator in building new business relationships.

Hearron’s Creative Printing a local business offering graphic design and printing for t-shirts, brochures, signs, banners, cards

Alpine Litho-Graphics a local printing business

Kansas City Art Institute, Visual Advocacy in Graphic Design teaches students about how to use graphic design to engage the public in important issues. Contact Kelly Ludwig

Bonnye Brown’s youth art program at the community center

Funding sources or supportive programs:
Surdna Foundation provides grants in the areas of environment, community revitalization, effective citizenry, the arts and the nonprofit sector.

Francis Family Foundation supports specific efforts to promote lifelong learning skills in children and specific areas within arts and culture.

Kickstarter, crowdfunding for arts projects, crowdfunding for civic projects

KCAI Visual Advocacy project for Manheim Park

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