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Coordinate block captains from each of the five neighborhoods to work together with police and keep account of neighborhoods’ safety issues and nuisance concerns. These captains are also key organizers for community action on safety-related community projects.

By applying principles of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) Marlborough residents can create safer streets and properties. These principles rely on increasing the opportunities for potential criminal behavior to be seen, creating clear access points between public and private spaces, and territorial reinforcement such as well-maintained spaces that communicate an alert and active presence. In addition to addressing community concerns about safety and crime, these principles are aligned with community priorities to increase attention to property maintenance and organized community involvement.

As key two-way hubs in the neighborhood communication network, block captains can support catalyst plan outreach. Their relationships can strengthen connections within and among neighborhoods, and can help introduce new participants to Catalyst project opportunities. Not only does this network benefit current residents and businesses, it attracts new neighbors through creating a safer and more supportive environment to live and work.

Additional information to implement this opportunity below:


Implementation pathway:
1. Coalition Board to convene neighborhood leaders with the KCPD community interaction officer, John Trainor to outline a plan of action.

2. Designate blocks and neighborhood leaders to suggest block captains.

3. Reach out to potential block captains to ask for their commitment

4. Convene all block captains with community interaction officer and train on the plan of action to handle disturbances, list major environmental challenges to safety, and report on safety issues. Set a regular meeting time.

5. Keep block captains informed of opportunities to participate in implementation of Catalyst Projects, and provide them with materials to support outreach and neighborhood identity on their block.

Partner organizations:
Kansas City Police Department, Metro Patrol, Officer John Trainor

NeighborWorks creates opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities. Local contact: Elizabeth Barker Hollins

Neighborhood Housing Services revitalizes and maintains designated urban neighborhoods as vibrant areas that attract people who value diversity, historic architecture, security and community. Contact: Mark Stalsworth and Augusta Wilbon

Funding sources or supportive programs:

KCMO CDE:  is dedicated to promoting and supporting innovative, targeted and collaborative economic and community development initiatives to help build and grow vibrant, sustainable and prosperous communities throughout Kansas City, Missouri. (CDFI and New Market Tax Credit specialization)

Community Capital Fund, Neighborhood Opportunity Grant:  the initial focus is on neighborhood capacity building initiatives

Community Capital Management (CCM): CCM has committed to investing up to $200 million in low- and moderate-income communities over the next year. CCM’s investments will focus on investment opportunities in environmental sustainability, healthy food access, healthy community initiatives, neighborhood transformation, transit-oriented development, and education programs.  

Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council – Block watch program

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