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As the Marlborough Community Coalition enters into a new period of growth and capacity-building to implement their neighborhood plan, an external assessment such as NeighborWorks Organizational Assessment Services could help to address specific challenges such as resource development and succession planning while verifying that the organization’s structure is conducive to achieving its goals.

NeighborWorks America is a preeminent national leader of community development and affordable housing. With a regional office located right here in Kansas City, their resources, training, and networks are within arm’s length.

It is possible that local NeighborWorks professionals would be able to offer specific Organizational Assessment services pro-bono to further strengthen the capacity and funding networks of the Coalition. Adapting and caring for the long-term health of the non-profit is a key measure of sustainability for the Coalition and the community this body seeks to serve.

Additional information to implement this opportunity below:


Implementation pathway:
1. Reach out to School Redevelopment subcommittee member, Elizabeth Barker Hollins (Tower Homes resident, and NeighborWorks staff member) to discuss the appropriate components of the assessment for the Coalition.

2. Determine cost of assessment, and potential sponsors.

3. Reach out to sponsors to secure funding.

4. Schedule assessment.

Partner organizations:
NeighborWorks creates opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities. Local contact: Elizabeth Barker Hollins

Potential sponsors:

KCMO CDE:  is dedicated to promoting and supporting innovative, targeted and collaborative economic and community development initiatives to help build and grow vibrant, sustainable and prosperous communities throughout Kansas City, Missouri. (CDFI and New Market Tax Credit specialization)

Community Capital Fund, Neighborhood Opportunity Grant:  the initial focus is on neighborhood capacity building initiatives

Neighborhood Housing Services revitalizes and maintains designated urban neighborhoods as vibrant areas that attract people who value diversity, historic architecture, security and community. Contact: Mark Stalsworth and Augusta Wilbon

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