Mentorship programs

This opportunity is part of each Catalyst Project:
Catalyst Projects > Marlborough School Redevelopment > Mentorship programs
Catalyst Projects > Coalition Capacity Building > Mentorship programs
Catalyst Projects > Coordination with Kansas City Water Services green infrastructure pilot project > Mentorship programs
Catalyst Projects > Marlborough Village Commercial Revitalization > Mentorship programs

Sharing skillsets, knowledge, and stories will become more commonplace as the community increases its communication networks. However, encourage this sharing process to begin now can create the potential for new career paths and a heightened excitement connected with learning for all ages. Mentorship programs can begin as a series of classes, workshops, and meetings led by community members who are willing and able to share their skills, hobbies, and passion for life.

These programs may share any number of enrichment skills that community members are willing to share such as: gardening, cooking, knitting, photography, computer programs, financial literacy, how to buy and maintain a home, energy efficiency tips, how to take on community leadership roles, story-telling, the history of Marlborough, Big Brother/Big Sister events, etc.

Some willing community leaders have been identified as well as champions to start programs in schools and the community center. Example program opportunities include: Arts programming at a community venue; Marlborough Village community garden; Healthy Food Education Hub; and Green Infrastructure Growers. If the successes of pilot programs are shared through video and word-of-mouth, then interest will spread and more community members will step forward to share their own skills and talents, and ask to learn from others.

This opportunity addresses the community’s priorities of making more enriching programmed activities available, and building educational networks for families to support healthy choices. It also supports organized community involvement to build pride and capacity, and could create new educational opportunities to develop employment skills and catalyze new businesses.

Additional information to implement this opportunity below:


Implementation pathway:
1. Convene the champions of the Healthy Food Access Leadership Network and the Marlborough Village Implementation Committee to understand the skillsets and interests of those groups and create an action plan for the first series of mentoring programs

2. Reach out to specific mentors and request volunteer participation

3. Identify facilities to hold classes/programs

4. Coordinate with Coalition Board liaison and youth representatives on communication methods to get the word out about the classes.

5. Flyer, email, Facebook updates, and post website updates telling about the mentorship opportunities scheduled.

6. Hold first round of classes, post videos, blog about the programs and call for the next round of mentors.

Champions and their roles:
Joyce Stokes  (Center Alternative teacher and Coalition Board Member) and Terry Rynard (Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation) co-lead

Partner organizations:
MARC, Community Leadership Program provides training for community organizing and leadership to mobilize your home communities

KCMO Parks and Recreation provide facilities and programming structure for life-long education and recreation

Education First Athletics Second Coalition seeks to build strong community and family relationships through education, recreation, and positive interaction between adults and youth.

Get Growing KC provides training programs and mini grants to start new urban agriculture programs

US Green Building Council, Central Plains Chapter: This local chapter of the Green Building Council rolls up its sleeves and gets to work in communities that are committed to sustainability.

LINC provides high quality after school programs for KCMO, Center and Charter schools in the metro area.

Burns & McDonnell Foundation has been a key philanthropic organization in Marlborough. Aligning educational programs with their green infrastructure work in the community is part of their core mission

Charles Brown is a local artist and furniture designer who coordinated the photography contest that occurred during the Catalyst Planning process. He has seen firsthand the power of informally teaching a new skill and opening the door to new interests and possibilities

Funding sources or supportive programs:
KCMO CDE:  is dedicated to promoting and supporting innovative, targeted and collaborative economic and community development initiatives to help build and grow vibrant, sustainable and prosperous communities throughout Kansas City, Missouri. (CDFI and New Market Tax Credit specialization)

Community Capital Fund, Neighborhood Opportunity Grant:  the initial focus is on neighborhood capacity building initiatives

Francis Family Foundation supports specific efforts to promote lifelong learning skills in children and specific areas within arts and culture.

Community Capital Management (CCM): CCM has committed to investing up to $200 million in low- and moderate-income communities over the next year. CCM’s investments will focus on investment opportunities in environmental sustainability, healthy food access, healthy community initiatives, neighborhood transformation, transit-oriented development, and education programs.

Front Porch Alliance – Advisory role; Ivanhoe youth leadership and family mentorship opportunities

El Sistema 

Theaster Gates

Matthew Mazzotta Open House 

Steven Curtis’ Epic Arts studio in Strawberry Hill

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