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This opportunity connects with the desire expressed by the community to create a popular image for Marlborough that is associated with diverse and innovative activity, attractive and secure neighborhoods, and unique, welcoming venues – all of which will draw new residents and businesses to invest in Marlborough.

Some strong ideas coming out of the discovery process for a periodic signature event that would contribute to such an image include:

• Coordinating with the Healthy Food Leadership Network to stage a regular farmers market, or a broader market type, such as the River Market.

• An event similar to one previously held at the fountain on Paseo when Miles Bonny played music, potentially including food/live music, perhaps a children’s art show/poetry slam (inviting participation from all community centers). The median of Paseo Boulevard could be a good location. Planning for a pedestrian friendly environment will be a key factor to a successful event.

• An annual parade that would become associated with the Marlborough Village area and draw people in to shop and dine.

Additional information to implement this opportunity below:

Implementation pathway:

1. Involve the Coalition board in deciding on a pilot event.

2. Identify potential champions and an event manager for the program

3. Identify a venue

4. Build team with subcommittees for different areas of implementation

5. Identify a major business sponsor. Ask for $5,000.

7. Identify local vendors, craftspeople, smaller sponsors, music talent etc.; give three (3) months lead time.

6. Publicize widely, and alert media

Champions and their roles:

This opportunity needs a champion. Brenda Thomas is very interested in an event of this nature, and Diane Hershberger would be a natural fit for advising for a Farmers Market event.

This would require a lot of planning/organizational time, including contacting local crafts and food vendors/businesses, obtaining required permits, traffic control, crowd control, port-a-potty facilities, publicity, media, signage, flags and so on, even to run a fairly small-scale pilot event, so it would probably need to be embraced by the whole Coalition board, with subcommittees for different tasks, and overseen by the paid Executive Director when she/he comes on board. This would be a great fit for a large corporate sponsor who would like to be associated with neighborhood revitalization, and perhaps some smaller scale sponsorship from a local beer vendor. The Parks department would also be helpful in facilitating the venue or lending out their Recreation Express truck.

Charles Brown might be interested in helping with an arts event.

Bonnye Brown would probably be interested in involving her classes in decoration/signage and some kind of invitational art exhibition.

Partner organizations:

KC Parks Department

Cerner Corporation

The Dodson Industrial District (see Kansas City Industrial Council)

Boulevard Beer

Funding sources or supportive programs:

Rocket Grants (for a community festival, application by an arts group)

MAAA grant (requires matching funds, up to $15,000) funding for civic projects

NTDF (reimbursement), quarterly and annually – great fit

Neighborhood Services Division (free printing)


Project for Public Spaces

North Kansas City’s Snake Saturday Parade

Troost Fest

Ivanhoe Farmers Market

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