85th Street Corridor Plan

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This plan would focus on the 85th Street Corridor for the area between Troost and Prospect with a focus on the three primary commercial intersections – Troost, Paseo and Prospect.   The 85th Street corridor will likely be an increasingly heavily travelled thoroughfare based upon the future growth immediately to the east with the proposed Oxford on the Blue and new Cerner campus developments.  Other potential activities include a new vision for the Dodson Industrial District, increased interest in the Center School District, a potential streetcar line and enhanced bike/trail connections along 85th Street would also have a major impact.  This connector road could be primed for a considerable expansion in service-related businesses focused primarily on work time related needs.  This could include more food options, dry cleaners, banking facilities, and similar service functions.  A plan to coordinate and connect the synergies of all of these ventures could be critical to the corridor’s long term vitality.

Potential Champions:

Dodson Industrial Association  
Center School District
BBs Lawnside BBQ 
Oxford on the Blue
Cerner Corporation

Partner organizations:

Redevelopment Authorities, such as LCRA and PIEA
Missouri Depart of Natural Resources 
Mid-America Regional Council ~ Metro Green Initiative
City of Kansas City, MO ~ Streetcar System

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