Build on the existing annual Clean Up day to develop programs and events that address neighborhood beautification

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The Marlborough Community already has a well-organized and supported Clean Up Day event that happens around April 15 every year and deals with trash pick-up in the neighborhoods. This program demonstrates community pride and asks residents to participate in the improvement of their community – which in turn leads to a greater sense of ownership and care.

The clean-up day in Marlborough is a great event, and it could be expanded. This event builds neighborhood relationships and community pride, and could be transformed into an educational outreach that addresses the root causes of neighborhood decay, in terms of both attitudes and physical assets (materials that will make trash easier to throw away properly AND beautify the environment). For example, the focus could be shifted to recycling and reasons not to litter in the first place.

Block Captains can play a key role in expanding neighborhood cleanup efforts, organizing their neighbors to participate in cleanup days and encouraging community pride through stronger relationships and constructive activities.

Some ideas that came out of conversations in the community are:

  • Develop a partnership with MARC for building recycle bins, and with the City for installing them in the neighborhoods.
  • Put information about recycling into the curriculum at Center Schools. Have the kids design posters promoting caring for the neighborhoods/our home.
  • Develop local recycling centers for garden trash and make compost. Request Ripple Glass containers at neighborhood dollar stores.
  • Ask for a City Public Service Announcement (PSA) – Don’t Litter! Work with a graphic design program to design billboard posters that use humor and appeal to kids.
  • Develop trash-can building workshops. Fund raise/apply for a grant to bring in a series of artists to design and make a series of unique trash receptacles with neighborhood residents – including kids from Bonnye Brown’s art program and the schools/Community Center.
  • Make it a brand for Marlborough – We don’t litter in this community!

Community Champions:

Bonnye Brown

Charles Brown

Curtis Calkins

Jessica Rogers, local artist and crafter

Partner organizations:

MARC – Solid Waste Recycling programs

Keep Kansas City Beautiful (KKCB), a program at Bridging the Gap dedicated to neighborhood beautification and litter control, that currently supports Marlborough with cleanup supplies through the Great American Cleanup project.

NTDF (reimbursement), quarterly and annually

Ripple Glass

ReBUILD KC – can be matched by volunteer time, in-kind or professional service donations

City of Kansas City, Public Works

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