Connect Hunger Relief programs and Community Gardens

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Nine hunger relief agencies in Marlborough increase healthy food access in Marlborough through after school programs and food pantries.  While these agencies are great community treasures that help meet the need for Marlborough Families, many agencies do not have the capacity to store large volumes of fresh foods. This initiative would form a partnership between the Marlborough Hunger Relief network and the Growers network and develop a program to provide fresh produce from Marlborough community gardens to local food pantries.  Align harvest days with days of pantry service to minimize the need for food storage. Learn from local community gardens that are using this model for production, develop a workplan for implementation, and identify funding to support installation of the garden and increased storage capacity.

Champions and their roles:

Champions from the Growers Network and Hunger Relief network can work together to lead this effort.

Funding sources or supportive programs:

Work with the Healthy Foods Leadership Network to incorporate funding for the awareness and education campaign into a larger requests to implement healthy eating priorities for the Marlborough Neighborhoods.  The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City and Menorah Legacy Foundation’s Healthy for Life program are ongoing funding sources that support this kind of work.


The Mitzvah Garden is a great local example of a faith-based community garden that grows food for a local food pantry. Working on 3/8 acre of land next to the B’nai Jehudah temple in Leawood, Kansas,  nearly 400 volunteers from a coalition of faith congregations come together to produce food and donate it to area food pantries. A pavilion structure next to the garden harvests rain water for a slow-drip irrigation system. In 2012, the garden donated more than 4,000 pounds of produce to Kansas City food pantries. Contact garden coordinator Ken Sonnenschein to learn more.

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