Dodson Industrial District Vision Plan

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In creating a Vision Plan for the Dodson Industrial District, a critical link would be established between Marlborough and the new office developments to the east/southeast.  The proposed Oxford on the Blue project, a 350 acre biotech office park less than a mile to the east, could require a direct nexus with business in the Dodson Industrial District in helping bring their ideas to reality. Further, the major expansion of Cerner on the former Bannister Mall site may signal that other technology companies are also ready to invest in the area that could directly benefit from the proximate nature of a manufacturing hub.  Crafting both a mid and long range vision for the manufacturing businesses in this area, with the resources of the rail system, highways and Blue River would only enhance success of all of these existing and proposed ventures.


The individual businesses that comprise the Dodson Industrial Association are the natural champions for this partnership.

Partner organizations:

The Kansas City Industrial Council as the umbrella organization is the appropriate vehicle to help garner the necessary resources for this process.

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