Pop-up Bread Stand

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Artist. baker and chef Sean Starowitz is bringing healthy, fresh baked bread to food desert communities in Kansas City.  A mobile bread stand that “pops up” in locations with healthy food access, Fresh Bread provides loaves of bread at sliding scale prices to neighborhood residents.  Sean will work with the Healthy Foods Leadership Network to identify key locations and times to locate the Fresh Bread stand, and also with neighborhood residents to help operate Fresh Bread. The pop up bread stand will help increase access to healthy food in Marlborough, and can be combined with the events and locations of other healthy food project opportunities, such as the Shamrock Healthy Corner Store, the Marlborough Village signature event, and the Healthy Foods Awareness and Education Hub.

Champions and their roles:

Healthy Food Leadership Network Co-Champions Diane Hershberger and Aimee Alderman can work with Sean to integrate the Fresh Bread stand into network activities, and incorporate key pop up stand locations into the healthy foods workplan. 

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