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Shayan’s EZ Shop, known in Marlborough as the  “Shamrock”, is participating in the Healthy Corners Stores Initiative through the Kansas City Health Department’s partnership with the University of Missouri (MU) Extension and Mid America Regional Council.  A Healthy Corner stores team is working the Shamrock to implement a healthy foods action plan, and the store now offers healthier food options including fresh fruits and vegetables. Upcoming events to promote healthy options at the Shamrock could offer an opportunity to promote the activities of the Healthy Foods Leadership network, and could offer an additional location for the Fresh Bread stand.

Champions and their roles:

The Healthy Foods Leadership Network is a natural champion for this partnership.  The Growers network could also work with the Shamrock store to provide local fresh produce at the store, and the Healthy Food Awareness and Education program could partner with MU Extension to conduct healthy eating education at Healthy Corner store events.

Partner organizations:

The Kansas City Missouri Health Department is the primary partner for this effort. Sarah Worthington is the primary contact for the partnership.

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