History of the Marlborough Community


In 1907, Kansas City was seventeenth nationally in population, but seventh in savings deposits. Its population had doubled within the last ten years, and the next ten promised to see it double again. T. B. Potter Realty Company saw an uncommon opportunity for the homeseeker or investor to purchase a lot and build a home in the undeveloped south-east corner of Kansas City.

BirdsEyeView2They purchased 640 acres of land and planned a beautiful community of different types of homes on their “100 foot lots”.

MHMapThey built a few model homes using the locally sourced stone, contracted for an “electric car” to run through the entire tract to 78th Street, produced a pamphlet extolling the virtues of “Marlborough Heights, Kansas City’s exclusive and fortune-favored suburb”, and invited people out to view the future.

The following are excerpts and images from the pamphlet.

BeautifulHomesOfMarlboroughHeightsMarlborough Heights will boast of every qualification peculiar to a community of means and culture…

TheBeautifulCountryThis is … the highest point in the county, the altitude being a thousand feet above the sea-level.

With high and dry and healthful climate, with accessibility to the business district and with advantages uncommon to any other residence district of the city, can you imagine a more desirable location for your home or property which possesses more positive assurance of rapid increase in value?

BeautifulAndStatelyTreesWouldn’t you really prefer to own a home in this magnificent villa tract with its palatial homes, its beautiful and winding boulevards, its stately trees and wealth of shrubbery, its park, its school, its exclusiveness – candidly and unreservedly, wouldn’t you rather live here than in any part of Kansas City heretofore known to you?

Each home surrounded with a lovely, well-kept lawn; with flowers, trees and gardens; with trellis-touched corners and maybe a shady vine-covered pergola.

…the streets, faultlessly graded and macadamized, and extending from sixty to eighty feet in width. Thus each thoroughfare is virtually a boulevard.

…the sidewalks, constructed entirely of granitoid and beautified by shade trees and shrubbery.

ElectricRailwayStationThis incomparable suburb boasts of its own city park.

It has pure city water.

It has good telephone service.

It has electric lights.

It is convenient to two well-graded public schools.

The transportation facilities are all that could be desired.

This property in fact has all the advantages of the most desirable up-town realty.

And yet it is never embarrassed by smoke or heat or noise.

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