The Catalyst Plan is an initiative of the Marlborough Community Coalition to discover and develop the rich assets that the Marlborough community already has, and to craft an action plan that will transform this potential into a thriving place to grow up, live and work.

The Marlborough Community Coalition won a grant from Mid America Regional Council’s Planning Sustainable Places Program to hire a team of planning experts to lead their community planning process for all five neighborhoods of Marlborough [see map of project boundaries]. The team includes experienced local professionals in the areas of food policy, community arts, communications, planning, architecture, development, and historic preservation. This team is working with residents of the neighborhoods, local businesses, faith based organizations, and non-profit service providers to discover strong, achievable, and exciting solutions to local challenges. The team will be working with the community across five topic areas – access to healthy food, sustainable property development, reuse of the Marlborough School building, creative growth in arts, culture and social services, and how people get around by car, bus, bike and on foot – or mobility.


This plan will be integrated into the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Swope Area Plan planning process and complement the outcomes of the Troost Corridor Planning Study and the South 71 Hwy Alternatives Analysis, ensuring that the effort is consistent with and supports the goals and priorities of the larger area. The CATALYST PLAN will provide the community the means to develop a plan of action around local issues and position the area for positive and sustainable development.